Using Energy Wisely

My Energy, it’s a valuable resource. I take it for granted everyday because I normally don’t try actively to use it up.

My past rolls, I would always be gassed out, a lot of the times in my first round. I felt like I was wasting my time sitting there breathing all hard with my heart about to burst out of my chess.

So, I decided that I wanted to stretch it out through the whole session. The only two ways that come to mind is to increase my Energy with hard work and dedication or to use my current energy and be conservative. I am really lazy and love eating, so option B without a doubt.

But it kind of feels like my Jiu-Jitsu got a lot better because I had to use my brain a lot more.

Maybe I was just having a couple of good days.

I’ll see how I feel later 😅

My body feels wrecked

BJJ has only recently become a workout out after a year and a half of training. I started to understand the concept of saving energy because of multiple rolls where I was gassed out and my body feels like it’s been lifting weights with all the soreness I feel.

Prior to this year and a half, I didn’t feel sore, nor did I really feel gassed out. Why is that?

It is because at that time, I didn’t really know how to play. My game had a few fundamental holes. Not knowing how to play meant no moves to use which means not using a lot of energy.

Now I know where I can push and have options for everything. I can play now! But man, playing all those chess pieces is a hell of a workout.

Does BJJ really “Click”?

I didn’t believe it was real. It was equivalent to Santa. Everyone said to just wait, it would come. It didn’t feel that way. Okay, okay I’ll tell you. I got over the “Click” hump!

For awhile I felt myself growing steadily. Then, slowly, it just felt like it stopped. There were some concepts I would see others totally understand but no matter how I tried looking at it, it just didn’t click. Like I imagine most people do, I searched Google/YouTube and asked some people at my academy. It pretty much boiled down to “Don’t worry, just train, and it will eventually click”.

I think that “it hasn’t clicked feeling” is weird. I don’t know if everyone goes through it, but it feels like some impossible thing that totally doesn’t make any sense, but everyone seems like its such a “duh” concept.

But, and it really does feel like out of nowhere. Some matrix type shit happens, you have now realized how what you’ve been wondering about makes sense, how dumb it was that you didn’t see it, and you want to keep playing with it to validate that it’s actually real.

What’s pretty awesome too is once you see it, you can never unsee it again. It’s forever a part of you.

As long as you have that strong need to solve the reason why something doesn’t work or why it does work, it’ll click eventually

So, I just want to be one more person to tell you, just train, and it will eventually click.

Farming White Belts


My Mount sucks. It’s a secret though. My Blue and up brothers and sisters don’t notice. When I’m mounted, immediately, they start to get a safe posture, and start systematically thinking how they should get out. Guess what though, If you buck all wild, I’ll probably just topple over.

Wild White Belts, they know…okay they don’t, but they get me off them, those spazzy spazingtons.

I realize, I do learn some things from newer people that I can’t learn from knowledgeable people, wild spazzy defense! You’re skills show on the mat, even if you try to hide them. You can’t pretend do be new and spazzy, it’s hard to replicate, unless youre the real thing.

I know it sounds messed up, but I think to grow more, I should battle a bunch of spazzy white belts.

Today’s BJJ Rant

I have many friends, but most of them do not do BJJ. So, I’m so full of crazy BJJ thoughts, and have nowhere to barf them on. Well, today I do it here.

I have definitely gotten better at BJJ. Prior to this feeling, I was feeling like this whole Jiu-Jitsu thing was probably not really cut out for me. I felt like literally everyone, even brand new students, were able to have their way with me. Got my blue belt, and still, even white belts felt better than me.

I mostly focused on the things I had the most problems with, trying to fix them, and feeling how a lot of the effort felt like failing.

I didn’t want to fail on those anymore cause those little things made me feel bad, I started to work on those too.

All this wanting super bad to get better at these things naturally pushed me.

Soooo, pretty much, every answer about “how do I get better?” Is easily answered with “Just Do it”.

A State of No Mind

I’ve been taking BJJ very seriously. It sounds good, but it’s not.

My seriousness is hindering my progress. It fills my mind full of thoughts while rolling. I can’t let this White Belt tap me, I hope my professors think I’m cool, I need to get better, what should I be working on, etc. I think I’m special and everyone on the mats is preoccupied with what I’m doing.

When I say this out loud it sounds dumb, but this stuff hides deep in my head. Once I remember it’s there and take a good look at it though, I realize it’s dumbness, and then I start feeling relaxed.

When I’m relaxed, I feel more focused, and notice way more things. My opponents intent seems clear, my options for the current situation comes easier, my mind is free and I can just go with the flow. I also retain and learn so much more with my time.

I may forget later, but today, remember, relax! Life is much more manageable relaxed. 😎

Am I Even Leveling??


I remember when I was a fresh White Belt. Each training session brought so much experience, I could see growth gradually. It’s part of what’s fun. Just like why RPG Video Games are fun, there’s satisfaction with growth in a character. Increased Strength, HP, Agility, getting a New Skill or Increase from Rank 1 with a Skill to Rank 2.

As I got more deeper into my White, and now in my Blue, I started to feel a plateau. I started to not feel improvement, and it felt like the leveling sorta stopped. Was kind of discouraging and I would say it’s one of many symptoms of the “Blue Belt Blues”

I recently got over that, and felt like I gained a level. Feeling that satisfaction of growth again, but it does feel like it does take much longer.


I think the leveling system in Real Life is a lot like a RPG’s leveling system. Difference is you can’t look at a character screen to see your exact level, strength, HP, what rank your Scissor Sweep is, etc.

Let’s say each training session gives me 50xp. When I just Started BJJ, I needed about 100xp to level. Two training sessions and “ding” I leveled up. Then slowly I needed 200xp, then 500xp, up until now it kind of feel’s like I need 50,000xp to level, but each training session maybe only gives me 50-100xp. This is, just like an RPG, is a grind.

Lesson for me here is, I shouldn’t think I’m not improving. It just takes much, much more experience points to gain that level.